There are a few businesses that, though most of us have to visit, we would rather avoid. These include doctor’s and dentist’s offices, car dealerships, and the dreaded accountant’s office. The good news for most of us is that we only have to visit with the accountant once per year. But what if you found an accountant that was actually a pleasure to visit? What if this accountant made it a priority to treat clients exceptionally well? Then the annual visits and phone calls would be a pleasant experience because any tax and financial statement preparations would be explained in a simple, understandable language. Thankfully, we in East Orlando have just the accounting service in the firm, Avalon Park Accounting.

[CPA Solutions, Inc. formerly known as] Avalon Park Accounting provides an array of tax, accounting, and financial services with a straight-forward philosophy that captures what we are all looking for in an accountant: “We insist on giving our clients individual attention, and achieve this by listening to our clients and communicating with them openly, promptly, frequently and effectively,” says Dalia Cantor, owner of CPA Solutions, Inc..


Two years ago, when NASA announced it would be retiring its space program, shuttle reliability engineer Eddy Solon volunteered to take a layoff and started his own company. The initial start-up costs proved to be a hurdle for the entrepreneur. Space and Defense Engineering Services Company, which provides engineering support services to space and defense industry contractors, was selected for a government contract but he was told it would be months before he would actually see any of the money he stood to earn from it. After investing so much in the beginning with no immediate return, Solon looked for someone who shared the vision he had to make the company successful and who could help it grow from the very beginning.

[CPA Solutions, Inc. formerly known as] “Avalon Park Accounting was the first company to say ‘You know what, we’ll wait [for payment]’ and provide accounting services during that period,” Solon said. “So it was a big risk on their end, but it was an incubator. They helped us to grow while not taking, but they helped nurture the company, so we’re definitely deeply appreciative of their effort and their commitment to our company.”


Avalon Park, one of East Orlando’s major planned communities, is known and recognized for its walk-ability, access to fitness facilities, and neighborhood events that encourage health and exercise. Just how active and healthy is the community?

“Avalon Park was built to be a walking community which is great,” shares Dalia Cantor, an Avalon Park resident who appreciates the area’s access to exercise and fitness opportunities. “Many residents of Avalon Park are athletes and we have great groups such as the East Side Cycling Club, Blanchard Park Triathlon Club, and Avalon Park Triathlon Club.”

Cantor not only resides in Avalon Park, but is also the owner of CPA Solutions, Inc. She says she was immediately attracted to and impressed with the community’s provisions for regaining and maintaining her active lifestyle.