As your personalized accounting partners, we strive to provide for the A to Z of your business's financial and accounting needs.

Medical Practices

Take Care of Your Financial Health

While medical experts are primarily focused on saving lives and keeping people healthy, it is equally important to keep your financial accounts in the green. Paying your doctors and keeping your medical equipment up-to-date is as essential as monitoring your patients’ well-being. 

Successfully operating a medical practice in today’s ever-changing environment is a difficult task that requires hard work, skill, and a strong foundation in business. Your busy medical practice requires adequate cash flow management for operations, appealing compensation plans for doctors, and realistic financial and tax planning for your business’s overall growth.

Our team of professionals at CPA Solutions will help you establish the right system for your medical practice to keep track of your finances and prepare for the future, providing personal service and a depth of expertise that you will find nowhere else.

Dental Practices

Filling In The Gaps For You

Similar to medical, dental practices are also a high-liability business that requires dental professionals to keep up to the date with both their craft and business acumen. Rather than struggle to juggle in between these two commitments, CPA Solutions can help provide the valuable financial assistance your practice needs.

Whether it's balancing your books, reviewing your tax guidelines, or implementing the right systems for a more streamlined accounting process, CPA has more than 15 years of accounting expertise with dental practices. Let us tailor your budgets and finances for you.

Our team of experienced and skilled accountants will keep track of your invoices, help you manage overhead, increase revenue, and ensure you are utilizing every tax savings opportunity. We will be your trusted partner, assisting your business wherever we can.

Veterinary Practices

Don’t Let Your Finances Rain Cats & Dogs

Veterinary practice ownership and management requires a broad skillset which can be quite demanding for most veterinary owners. While compassion and high-quality care will keep your customers coming through the door, veterinary owners also need the necessary business acumen, leadership, and team-building skills to ensure sustainability.

Profitability and economic sustainability are essential in every business. A thriving balance sheet keeps the clinic doors open, and supplies exam rooms and labs with state-of-the-art equipment to enhance patient care. Your clients and patients rely on you to stay in business, and that requires healthy finances.

This is why it is important to have trusted professionals to help you achieve the best results. Our team of experienced and skilled accountants will keep track of your finances, help you manage overhead, increase revenue, and make sure you are utilizing every tax-saving opportunity available.

Architectural & Engineering Firms

Let Us Reinforce Your Account Without Worries

CPA Solutions caters to architectural and engineering firms by bringing specialized solutions aimed at making your firm more profitable and efficient. We take the same detailed approach to planning and execution of tax and accounting that you put into every design product.We understand that architectural and engineering projects are not the easiest to calculate in terms of value. As a result, maintaining a steady cash flow is not an easy task to undertake alone. Our experience and industry best practices will help you keep track of your firm’s cash flow and maintain clear payment invoicing.With monthly or quarterly meetings tailored to meet your firm’s needs, you will always be kept informed and be given a clear financial understanding to plan and reach your monetary goals in the long run.

Law Firms

Soliciting Your Numbers For You

Managing a firm goes beyond just practicing law. All too often, lawyers feel that accounting is a necessary evil but is not worth their own time to pay attention to. Profitability is the most accurate and honest measure of a law firm’s success. We believe that without good processes, you are constantly playing catch-up, which will eventually lead to inefficiencies and the inability to scale. CPA Solutions will help you take the matter into your own hands and implement the appropriate tools, systems, and external resources needed to manage your legal business through systematic processes. The key to all successful business models, these systematic processes will make things simple, hold people accountable, and create structure in your legal organization.

Real Estate Firms

Capitalize On Your Long-term Development

The real estate landscape can be filled with hills and valleys leading to new surprises, so having a dedicated and qualified real estate accountant from CPA Solutions can help ease the bumpy road. As industry experts in real estate transactions with over 15 years in both commercial and residential real estate development, your company can benefit from our real estate experience, knowledge, and resources by utilizing our outsourced accounting. With a continuously changing real estate market, CPA Solutions monitors the evolving real estate regulations regularly to recommend the best economic incentives and tax strategies. Our real estate accounting services are designed to assist in many issues faced during the acquisition, development, holding, managing, and selling phases. We also provide tax strategies tailored to real estate developers and investors to minimize tax burden and keep your finances up to date.

Private Equity Firms

Invest In Your Own Finances

Regardless of their nature, all private equity firms and their portfolio of companies have needs and issues specific to their business sector and stages of maturity. As each phase of private equity holds its own challenges, CPA Solutions has the industry expertise to guide you to financial success through each stage. With an understanding of specific medical specialties, we are well-versed in the complexities of multi-state and multi-practice medical private equity markets. Outsourced accounting is a streamlined solution for private equity fund managers. As your partner, we handle everything from bill pay and payroll to cashflow management and preparing financial statements. We also assist with reporting asset allocations performance metrics for all funds and their investors, allowing your own fund managers to focus on raising capital and managing funds without worry.