Orlando Doctor & Dentist Financial Consulting

One of the keys to operating a successful doctor or dentist practice in the East Orlando area is having sound financial advice. The complexities of laws and tax regulations regarding business ownership are interwoven with the operation of your business. It’s imperative that you have a clear understanding about these financial issues, before making a mistake that seriously affects your ability to run a successful medical practice. For instance, it only takes one major money management or tax mistake to put your business in jeopardy.

Fortunately, there are professional Orlando doctor and dentist medical accounting firms familiar with a broad range of financial and tax issues. CPA Solutions is one of these firms, and we take pride in offering local area doctors and dentists top quality financial advice and consultation 365-days a year.

Just Getting Started?

There’s a lot of excitement when you’re starting a new medical practice. Not only are you excited about helping patients in the Orlando community, you’re also excited about the numerous lifestyle benefits that come from owning a successful business. Although you’re confident about the potential of your new practice, don’t let overconfidence blind you to common pitfalls such as cash flow management problems.

A good financial consultant can help you spot financial red flags, and show you how to stay afloat during those crucial first years of operation. Additionally, we can advise you on the best business entity to choose for your situation.

Buying or Selling a Medical Practice?

Buyers and sellers of medical practices quickly find out that this process is not always a cut and dry experience. In fact, it can be financially catastrophic on both ends when there’s a lack of adequate due diligence on the deal. As your financial consultant, we can do a thorough evaluation of the practice and advise you on the pros and cons of either purchasing or selling a doctor or dental business.

Are You Considering a Buy-In or Buy-Out Deal?

Physician buy-in and buy-out deals have a significant effect on a medical practice. The most important aspect of these deals is that the price for both is fair to all participants. Our seasoned financial experts can produce fair and complete price valuations that are acceptable, and help you draw up good payment terms.

Scratching Your Head Over Doctor Compensation?

We don’t blame you. There are so many factors to consider when creating compensation packages for new doctors. This is an area where we can be a big help. We research physician compensation and we’ll help you choose which plans are the best for your business.

Enjoy Year-round Professional Financial Consultation

CPA Solutions specializes is a trusted Orlando doctor and dentist medical accounting firm with decades of professional experience. To speak with a consultation expert call us today at (407) 650-9088.