Mergers & Acquisition Advisory

Your Strategic Partner

Navigating the complexities of a merger or acquisition is much easier when you have an experienced financial professional on your team. CPA Solutions understands the nature of these transactions and strives to maximize value and minimize risk during acquisitions, dispositions, recapitalizations, mergers, reorganizations, formations, and other significant transactions while maintaining privacy and secrecy for our clients.

We offer merger and acquisition services to professional service firms and can guide you through the process if you need assistance with the sale of a practice, partner buy-in or buy-out, or strategic acquisition. 

CPA Solutions can also help you structure the best possible transaction, conduct due diligence, and assess the tax implications of each alternative. Our resources extend beyond our firm’s expertise as we have long-standing relationships with attorneys, private equity firms, health care groups, and hospitals to ensure a smooth process for you.

Our M&A services include

Practice acquisition consulting

Calculation of Earnings Before Income Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (“EBITDA”)

Maximization of EBITDA and valuation multiple

Proforma calculations

Due diligence

Deal negotiation

New partner compensation

Post-closing transition

Acting as a liaison with all parties

Post-transaction owner/partner compensation

Assistance with obtaining financing