March 7, 2022

How CAS Can Be Beneficial For Your Business

If you're struggling to make sense of your business' finances, hiring a CPA to handle your accounts might be the best solution for you.

Have you been tearing out your hair over having to juggle dozens of different financial operations? Have you often wished you could handle all your financial requirements seamlessly and all at once through just a single entity?

If the answer is yes, Client Accounting Services (CAS) may just be the solution you’ve been looking for. When you use CAS, you’re working alongside qualified CPA experts that can meet a business' financial needs throughout its entire life cycle. Whether you're looking at cloud-based software, automated technologies, or affordable accounting help from a team of trained specialists, all of this and more are available through CAS.


Hiring an external accounting firm for Client Accounting Services can help your business in the following ways:

Cost Reduction

In most cases, small to mid-size companies do not have the resources to support a full accounting team. Therefore, most businesses will both underutilize and overpay their accounting staff by having an in-house controller or CFO to perform basic accounting functions.

Another problem is the opposite—hiring accounting clerks to perform higher-level functions they are not qualified todo. This results in either a lack of financial expertise or disproportionate pay for services rendered.

Our clients themselves have found that utilizing our CAS services have helped reduce their budget in terms of salaries, payroll taxes, and benefits, technology-related costs such as accounting and payroll software. This itself translates to at least 30% in cost reductions in their overall budget.

Better Internal Controls

We follow tight processes and standard procedures. Our technology is designed for proper approvals and cross-checks for deviations from the norm (individually set for each client).

With proper systems that have been setup and finetuned from years of experience, our month-end close checklist ensures the completeness and accuracy of all financial statements being sent to you.

Make More Informed Decisions

With CAS, you can get profit and loss insights and financial data sooner, coupled with relevant advice from our qualified and experienced accounting specialists. With reliable and timely financial information, our clients are better equipped to analyze current situations and make relevant decisions on efficiencies, growth, or succession planning.

Higher Level of Services and Professional Expertise

Higher-end advisory and outsourced CFO services are more effective and impactful when they emerge from CAS. Just reviewing the accounting work done by others to discover insights for providing advice is like going back to “rear-view mirror” type of services.

Such rear-view services do not help business owners to better navigate their future. However, client accounting services provides this without letting you have to second-guess yourself.

While doing the work and delivering CAS to our clients, we may notice decisions that could have detrimental impacts on a client’s business. CAS leads to better business management for our clients and improves their chances for greater success.


If you’re interested in learning more about CPA Solution’s client accounting services, you can check out our page here or make an appointment with us today to set up a free 30-minute consultation so we can help you find out how to make your business thrive.