May 8, 2022

Introducing You to CPA Solutions: Your Friendly Neighboring CPA Firm Based in Orlando, Florida

The one-stop solution to all your taxation and accounting needs

Finding its roots in the middle of the financial crisis, CPA Solutions—a CPA firm based in Orlando, Florida—offers tailored accounting solutions to help you meet your company’s long-term business and accounting needs:, bookkeeping, reconciliations, acquisition, and due diligence , you name it!

We strive to reinvent what traditional CPA consultants and companies have to offer by being a trusted business partner who fits into your working culture and delivers innovative solutions to help your company grow.

Services We Offer

Client Accounting Services

Making up the majority of our day-to-day work, CPA Solutions has the knowledge and expertise required to handle all accounting tasks such as:

▸ After-the-fact financial statement preparation
▸ Bookkeeping
▸ Payroll and payroll compliance
▸ Periodic tax payments/compliance (sales tax, etc.)
▸ Outsourced CFO and/or controller services

We also hold expertise in many professional industries such as medical practices (over 20 specialties),dental practices, veterinary practices, law firms, real estate, private equity and the likes. This means that we can tailor our methods specifically for you.

Tax Planning & Compliance

At CPA Solutions, our team goes above and beyond providing just simple tax compliance, proactively recommending tax-saving measures and CPA consultation to increase your after-tax revenue. We are also well-versed with insurance accounting, having worked with international clients who might be suffering from tax issues such as:

▸ U.S. citizens and resident aliens living abroad
▸ Foreign nationals residing in the U.S.
▸ Foreign investments in the U.S.
▸ Voluntary disclosures and compliance program
▸ Preparation of U.S. federal and state income tax returns for both inpatriates and expatriates
▸ International tax compliance

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Managing the financial aspect of a business—whether it be the value of acquisitions, due diligence, auditing, or just keeping up with regularly-scheduled payments—is one of the most critical duties for many business owners, but it can also be one of the most time-consuming. CPA Solutions ensures that all our clients receive great services to meet their needs through tried-and-true methodical methods guided by our well-experienced team members.

▸ Bank & credit card reconciliation
▸ Maintaining chart of accounts
▸ Generating income statement
▸ Generating balance sheet
▸ Reviewing general ledger
▸ Analyzing account & variance
▸ Support & consultations 

Mergers & Acquisition Advisory

We help professional service businesses with mergers and acquisition consulting, capable of walking you through the process if you need help with a practice sale, partner buy-in or buy-out, or strategic acquisition.

CPA Solutions can also assist with structuring the best deal feasible, doing due diligence services, and evaluating the tax consequences of each option. We have experience conducting private equity accounting for healthcare groups, and long standing contacts with experienced attorneys, so we can assure you that the process will be as seamless as possible for you.

▸Practice acquisition consulting
▸Calculation of earnings before income taxes, depreciation, and amortization (“EBITDA”)
▸Maximization of EBITDA and valuation multiple
▸Proforma calculations
▸Due diligence
▸Deal negotiation
▸New partner compensation
▸Post-closing transition
▸Acting as a liaison with all parties
▸Post-transaction owner/partner compensation
▸Assistance with obtaining financing

CPA Solutions can assist you if you're seeking a comprehensive accounting solution that will help your firm achieve its financial objectives. Our trained accounting specialists look at the numbers and beyond to identify the finest financial solutions and prospects for you, with over 15 years of successful accounting expertise and over 150 satisfied clients in more than 20 medical specialties.

Make an official inquiry with us today and get a complimentary 30-minute consultation to assess your company’s current financial status!